Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam

Sustainable in a green environment

Only a stone's throw away from the city center but still surrounded by nature. That is Camping Zeeburg. Here you'll camp in Amsterdam's backyard, where you can taste the open, diverse and thrilling nature of the city itself. We have an eye for nature as well as our fellow man.

Our island is situated in the middle of nature. That is why we feel like managers of both the campsite and nature, a responsibility that we take seriously. In additional, we are a conscious part of society as a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility
People, planet, profit, pride, pleasure

You can read how serious we are in our corporate social responsibility policy. We take the well-being of people and nature into account. For example, we continuously invest in energy-saving facilities such as sanitation, heating and lighting. And we encourage guests to use it sparingly.

Green Key

Since 2014 we have been affiliated with Green Key, the international eco-label for tourist accommodations. Because we save on energy and water consumption in various ways, separate our waste cleverly and give the wilderness around us a place, we have been awarded the golden label. We are very proud of that!

Campsite sponsors Zeeburg residents

We pay attention to nature and our fellow humans. This is why we sponsor local activities that, just like we do, connect people. Think of sports and music associations and festivals. We also like to invite bands from Amsterdam to perform in our bar.