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Café-restaurant Camping Zeeburg

Aruba? Curaçao? No, you're in the middle of Amsterdam. In the middle of the greenery on a beautiful terrace. With a fresh drink in front of you. And inside there's a kitchen where they always prepare good, fresh food. Relax, drink, party! Welcome to Café-restaurant Camping Zeeburg.

Café-restaurant Camping Zeeburg

A drink

Nicely outside. And still in the city. The perfect combination to enjoy an early spring day. Or a warm late summer evening. You will find us on our island, at the green edge of the city, less than 5 minutes by bike from IJburg or Amsterdam Oost.

When you get hungry

Maybe you'll take a trip through the polders of Waterland. Or along dykes and fishing villages like Durgerdam, Uitdam and Monickendam. Don't forget to refuel. With all those kilometres in your legs, our terrace will be even nicer.

Space enough, just for you

Are you looking for a space for a special party? Invite your friends, family and colleagues for a splashing birthday party, a musical wedding party or a company dinner. Inside or outside, anything can be discussed. Together with you we can easily transform our café/restaurant into the perfect space for your party. With drinks, food and music. Can you imagine it already? Read more about our rental possibilities.


If you'd like to reserve one or more tables, call us at 020 668 69 34.


Hmm, croissants

Getting out early? Start your day with a good breakfast. Nice and elaborate or just the basics with a cup of coffee, fresh orange juice and a croissant: the best in Amsterdam. Try to resist that smell!

jus d'orange


How do you quench your thirst? You'll certainly find your favorite drink on our beverages menu. And do choose a nice snack from our menu to go with it.


Made in Amsterdam

Start your evening on our terrace with a wonderful, locally brewed beer, for example from our neighbours, Brouwerij 't IJ. In Amsterdam alone there are at least 24 breweries, producing excellent beer. That's why we have a special beer menu with plenty of choice of special beers from and outside of Amsterdam. Fresh or heavy, dark or blonde, what would you like to drink today?

Culinaire hitlijst

Culinary hits

Our menu is an anthology of evergreens. Lunch or dinner, anything is possible, at any time of the day. And of course there also is a children's menu. Here's a little foretaste for you ...


(Sea) burgers!

Whatever you choose, our dishes are all prepared with love. Take for example our famous burgers with truly good meat. We have salads, curries, a pasta and for vegans a delicious homemade vegan burger!


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