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Bike rental

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Bike rental

The best way to explore Amsterdam is by bike. After just a few pedals you will see the first buildings. You will pass by monuments, canals and bridges. You decide the pace. Race right to your goal or take a nice detour. Up to the polders of Waterland, if you have the energy!

with your city bike

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Prices bicycle rental

  • 24 hours – € 14,50
  • 48 hours – € 25,00
  • 72 hours – € 38,00
  • 96 hours – € 49,00 
The two of you riding through the center of Amsterdam. Who is at the wheel?

The two of you riding through the center of Amsterdam. 

Cycling routes

By bike you can quickly get to Amsterdam. But explore! Did you know that the Stelling of Amsterdam is part of the Unesco world heritage sites? For those who want to go to the beach, city beach Blijburg is perfect. Within 20 minutes you can be with your feet in the sand.

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