Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam
Lights off!

Lights off!

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Fri, 28 Feb 2020 20:00 hour - Stargazing

On the camping

Stargazing and interpreting owl pellets at Camping Zeeburg

The Amsterdam Public Observatory is passing by and in clear weather they will set up some telescopes on our site. You are welcome to come and view a number of objects in the starry sky under expert explanation from the members of the observatory. Venus, Uranus and the moon will be visable under clear skies. The public observatory will be present between 8.00 pm and 11.30 pm. In addition, we will be interpreting owl pellets under the guidance of a guide.

The restaurant will be open from 5 pm, kitchen from 5.30 pm.
Hot chocolate next to the fire place!

looking at the stars