Our location at a junction between city, water and greenery makes us appealing for international guests who come to visit Amsterdam and its surroundings. We don't have enough space to accommodate all the interested guests. And the small hiker's tents are often replaced with large domed tents. This is why we're going to expand!

Green growth and growing greenery!

Embraced by the beautiful ecological connection zone Bovendiep, means that the increase of capacity for us also automatically strengthens the important and natural qualities around us. We have been taking initiative in this field for over 15 years. With, among others, the (former) minister Verhagen from the Ministry of Economical Affairs and Climate and Jaap Bond, deputy of the province North-Holland, and the municipality Amsterdam we made in 2012 a Green Deal. In collaboration we created the camping island and an ecologically and economically sustainable contribution to the surroundings: not just more nature but also more jobs for Amsterdam.

Our camping island

Improvement of the natural values

Around the new camping island a 8 meter wide reed bank will be created. These large transitions of water to land will together with the already present islands form a great contribution to the landscape. The improvements of natural values are expressed in: wide calm water zones, in which fish can mate and bats can forage, and extra wide reed banks, ditches and special views of the open water from the dyke. A perfect living environment for many (young) animals and native plants.

Our camping island

The creation of land

Creating land is a fascinating process! Imagine this: where there's water now, will soon be a new piece of Campsite Zeeburg and nature. After dredging, land reclamation filling up a strip, digging out ditches, constructing a culvert, settling, raising, shaping, planting and seeding you will hopefully come camping in less than a year with us on this beautiful island!

We have started!

Since 27 august 2018 we are creating, step by step, over 1.4 hectares of land. The first contours of the camping island will become really visible once Markus Bv. embeds the poles into the water and starts filling geotubes. 14 pieces with a circumference of 27.4 meters will each be filled with dredging spoils from the direct surroundings and placed in the right order and angle against each other. This will form the foundation for the banks. Later we will fill this space between the geotubes with earth. This will take a year to settle before the island will get its green appearance with trees, bushes and grassy fields. If everything goes according to plan, the first guests can set up their tents mid 2022 on the terrain!

Our camping island
Camping island campsite Zeeburg March 2019

The final height of the island will be about 80 - 150 cm above NAP, with lots of relief and descending towards the watersides. Inspiring layouts are ready to create an as natural possible appearance that fits into the region. Valuable for you and valuable for nature!

More information?

The island we are creating is special for our campsite, special for nature and a unique camping spot in Amsterdam! Do you have a question? Send an email to info@campingzeeburg.nl or call + 31 20 694 4430. You will hear back from us as soon as possible!

Close up with our animal studio on the border between water and city

It's almost impossible to sleep any closer to the waterside! Camping on the banks of a beautiful lake where you can taste the Buiten-IJ air. See how the lights of the Amsterdam bridge and the 10 towards the city create a light play on the small waves. Experience the amazing spaciousness, free from cars and buildings and only accessible through a footbridge, before you enjoy all the city excitements.

From basic campsite to a temporary home, you have all sustainable (family) facilities within walking distance. And while you make a bonfire, the water shrew and the grass snake go about their business and the wild duck and coot nest calmly in the extra wide reed banks. The calm zone makes the island a "natural road restaurant" for the bat, small loach and the bitterling. The Willow, Hawthorn, Linden and Wild Rose grow peacefully next to each other here and can offer shade.

The variety between high and low, dry and wet and sunny and shade make this feel like home for both humans, animals and nature!

Our camping island