Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam

Back to the future!

Camping Zeeburg Too returns to Camping Zeeburg original® in 2020

For many years backpackers from all-over the world have met camping host Frank. His ‘no-nonsense’ personality combined with his relaxed mentality made Camping Zeeburg Too a popular spot for youngsters visiting Amsterdam on a budget. As of 2020 Camping Zeeburg Too is relocated to the main site of Camping Zeeburg. ALL tents are welcome on Camping Zeeburg (open all-year) where you can experience the exclusive Zeeburg vibe but with that extra comfort of all facilities (bar-restaurant, new hot and free showers and toilets, open kitchen, bicycle-rent etc.)!

Same vibe with all tents united at Camping Zeeburg original®

When can we welcome you?

Camping Zeeburg Too Amstesrdam Flevopark